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CasterGP1GP2GP3GP4MastersFinal Score
1stOwan Moyle4950505050200
2ndDuane Lockwood4347484949193
3rdAndrew Sheehan5046464848192
4thJamie Blakemen4749494645190
5thMark Matthewson4548474542182
6thLee Caley480444346181
7thSteve Boyt4445424443176
=8thNeil Jones3543393940161
=8thBazz Blakemen3939384241161
10thBarry Desmond3841403638157
11thAndy Miller363835039148
12thBarry Davies3435363737145
13thAlan Miller320343535136
14thMartin Osborne42004747136
15thKristian Leslie04245044131
16thScott Rannochan403637410118
17thKeith Carter37370400114
18thPaul Mayhew33340380105
19thLee Adams460430089
20thJay Lee044410085
21stMeirion Pritchard414000081
22ndColin Blackburn00003636


CasterGP1GP2GP3GP4MastersFinal Score
1stLouise Bowden4949505050199
2ndCharlotte Mathewson5050494949199
3rdMirka Sneigocka4647474748189
4thMaxine Lee48484800144
5thJo Pritchard474600093

The UKSF 2019 British Champion's Black & Gold TG-F2 Rocket Reel

UKSF British Championship’s Live Results!

CasterGP1GP2GP3GP4Best 3 GPsMastersFinal Score
1stAndrew Sheehan48505050150150
2ndOwan Moyle50494948148148
3rdDanny Stone4648049143143
4thJamie Blakeman4904746142142
5thDuane Lockwood44474844139139
6thMartin Osborne4745047139139
7thLee Caley4504445134134
8thMeirion Pritchard42464541133133
9thSteve Boyt43434643132132
10thJay Lee39444242128128
11thIan Caley4142380121121
12thBarry Desmond37394140120120
13thBazz Blakeman38403939118118
14thNeil Jones0414037118118
15thBarrie Davis35383736111111
16thPaul Mayhew3337034104104
17thKeith Carter3600387474
18thSteve Swales004304343
19thKristian Leslie400004040
20thAndy Miller000353535
21stKelvin Meyrick340003434
22ndLouise Bowden000333333
23rdJo Pritchard000323232

The UKSF 2018 British Champion's Black & Gold TG-F2 Rocket Reel

The 2018 Rocket Reel Company in Black & Gold, featuring the following parts in 24ct Gold Plate:  Handle, Handle Fixing Kit, Mono-mag, Plate Screws, End Cap, Screws, Allen Key Screws & Engage Button.

=1stJamie Blakeman50 4450 49149
=1stOwan Moyle4950 50149
3rdAndrew Sheehan47484948145
4thDanny Stone484548 46142
5thMartin Osborne41474747141
6thSteve Swales464645137
7thDuane Lockwood444346133
8thSteve Boyt43424444132
9thBazz Blakeman38404443127
=10thPaul Mayhew34354242117
=10thBob Murray35344141117
=10thAndy Miller373743117
13thAiden May363642114
14thLee Barrow424183
15thKeith Carter403878
16thJason Carter4949
17thLee Adams4545
18thJay Lee3939
19thStephen Derraven3333

The UKSF 2017 British Champion's Black & Gold TG-F2 Rocket Reel

The 2017 Rocket Reel Company in Black & Gold, featuring the following parts in 24ct Gold Plate:  Handle, Handle Fixing Kit, Mono-mag, Plate Screws, End Cap, Screws, Allen Key Screws & Engage Button.

1stJason Carter50 5050 5050200
2ndOwan Moyle48494649192
3rdMartin Osbourne4944484448189
4thSteve Swales414743 4747184
5thDuane Lockwood4740 374846181
6thLee Adams4643 4545179
7thJay Lee423842 4644174
8thIan Render44454142172
9thKristian Leslie4039444540169
10thGarry Dickerson3842 403943164
11thLee Barrow394138 3841159
12thBarry Blakeman3437 374339156
13thSteve Boyt363639 4238155
14thJamie Blakeman45464949144
15thAndy Miller3235354033143
= 16thMike Grant43 4847138
= 16thBarrie Davies31313436 37138
18thDennis Retter2930323731130
19thPaul Mayhew3032303530127
20thBob Murray2833 31 3328125
21stKeith Carter35 4135111
22ndMartin Campbell24 33 3494
23rdRicky Nash333669
24thColin Blackburn 343266
25thJames Allen 26 3460
26thTony Weaver 32 2759
27thStephen Derraven 28 2957
28thBrad Kinnair 3737

The UKSF 2016 British Champion's Black & Gold TG-F2 Rocket Reel

The 2016 Rocket Reel Company in Black & Gold, featuring the following parts in 24ct Gold Plate:  Handle, Handle Fixing Kit, Mono-mag, Plate Screws, End Cap, Screws, Allen Key Screws & Engage Button.

1stJason Carter5049 5050199
2ndAndy Copping49505049198
3rdDuane Lockwood4448484948193
4thOwan Moyle46494747189
5thMick Grant47474846188
6thJamie Blakeman45434742177
7thLee Adams414643 4044174
8thMatt Russell403942 4543170
9thSteve Boyt3638444641169
10thGarry Dickerson3741 454339168
= 11thKristian Leslie384241 4240165
= 11thBrad Kinnair32444445165
13thBazz Blakeman344039 3838155
14thRicky Nash3537373737148
15thKim Tester3134363535140
= 16thAndy Miller30 353832135
= 16thJay Lee48364641135
18thBarrie Davies3232333434134
19thBob Murray2533353329130
20thKeith Carter2631 3636129
21stDennis Retter282931 3233125
22ndSteven Swales39 45 4039124
23rdColin Blackburn2930 32 2930121
24thPaul Mayhew27282431120
25thTony Weaver 30 302888
26thStephen Derraven 2729 3187
27thKevin Southey4343
28thJohn Hooley 4242
29thColin Howlett2424

The UKSF 2015 British Champion's Black & Gold TG-F2 Rocket Reel

The UKSF 2015 British Champion’s Black & Gold TG-F2 Reel featuring a Carbon Fibre Handle & the following 24ct Gold Plated parts: Mono-Mag Fixing Kit, End Cap, Eezy-Grip Plate Screws, Allen Key Screws, Plate Screws & Engage Button.

1stSteve Lewis505050150
2ndJamie Blakeman49494849147
3rdAndy Copping48484548144
4thJason Carter474549141
5thDuane Lockwood34444450138
6thOwan Moyle42474347137
7thJay Lee454348136
8thDavid Richardson444247133
9thSteve Boyt39354145125
9thMatt Russell404144125
11thGarry Dickerson363742115
11thBarry Blakeman31343843115
13thKristian Leslie333940112
14thBarrie Davis29333642111
15thKenny Shove32323740109
16thAndy Miller303541106
17thKim Tester26303438102
18thDennis Retter2828323999
19thPaul Mayhew2529313797
20thAlan Varley464692
21stKeith Carter27313391
22ndJohn Hooley384684
23rdIain Graham414081
24thRicky Nash24263080
25thMike Dagnall373875
26thKevin Southey353974
27thTony Weaver213657
28thColin Blackburn272956
29thColin Howlett222850
30thPeter Thain4343

The UKSF 2014 British Champions TG-F2 Rocket Reel

The 2014 British Champion’s TG-F2 in Black & Nickel featuring all of our latest upgrades, especially our new Mono-Mag End Plate which has a built in Speed Bush for perfectly centralising the Spool & with a shortened Spindle to further reduce Spindle flex.

1stAndy Copping50504650196
2ndAlan Varley49474949194
3rdJamie Blakeman48485046192
4thJay Lee46494845188
5thIain Graham45464447182
6thDuane Lockwood40434548176
7thGarry Dickerson43384742170
8thJohn Hooley41424339165
9thKevin Southey42443840164
10thSteve Boyt38404244164
11thColin Fosker33374041151
12thKristian Leslie36363538145
13thBarry Blakeman34343637141
14thBarrie Davies32323435133
15thLee Adams444539128
16thKeith Carter26313236125
17thOwan Moyle414143125
18thKenny Shove30303033123
19thAndy Miller28283130117
20thDennis Retter27292832116
21stKim Tester29263328116
22ndAlan Bowden393937115
23rdStefan Herbert24252729105
24thColin Blackburn23232631103
25thColin Francis25242978
26thMike Dagnall353570
27thTristram Thrower313364
28thJason Carter4747
29thMark Jakins3737
30thColin Howlett3434
31stWayne Perring2727
32ndHoward Varley2727
33rdTony Weaver2222

The UKSF 2013 British Champion's TG-F2 all Black Rocket Reel

The 2013 British Champion’s all Black TG-F2 Rocket Reel featuring our new Carbon Fibre Handle amongst other of our latest parts upgrades.

1stAlan Varley47504749193
=2ndSteve Lewis50494845192
=2ndGarry Blanchard48485046192
=2ndAndy Copping46474950192
5thBarry Trevett40454543173
=6thJamie Blakeman43434342171
=6thMark Jakins45443844171
8thGarry Dickerson42464140169
9thRobert Quinn44383947168
10thLee Adams38404241161
11thMike Dagnall39394038156
12thSteve Brookman36413736150
13thAlan Bowden31423439146
14thJody Lemm37373635145
15thSteve Boyt32344434144
16thJay Lee494648143
17thBarry Blakeman35363533139
=18thColin Fosker33333324123
=18thMarco Marsiglia29303232123
20thKim Tester26293128114
21stDennis Retter24282929110
22ndColin Blackburn2326252599
23rdKristian Leslie28323797
24thAndy Miller27313088
25thStefan Herbert21262673
26thKevin Southey343569
27thKeith Carter283159
28thBarrie Davies253055
29thColin Francis272754
30thTony Weaver222446
31stPeter Thain4141
32ndTristam Thrower3030
33rdJohn Hodgson2727

The UKSF 2012 British Champion's TG-F2 all Blue Rocket Reel.

The British Champion’s all Blue 5500 sized TG-F2, with Blue Anodised Aluminium End Plates & Cage.