Rocket Reel Company Hybrid Ceramic Rocket Bearings

Rocket Reel Company Hybrid Ceramic Rocket Bearings

20 years ago after a long & arduous global search & research (aided & abetted by the great Neil Mackellow) we finally offered to the world our Hybrid Ceramic Rocket Bearings, the very first on the market & manufactured to our precise specifications.

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  • Andrei Z Reply

    The TG’s Ceramic Rocket bearings are still among the best, if not the very best of them all, to this day. In the past 20 years I have tried all the best ceramic bearings out there, both from Japanese and U.S. manufacturers. Some were really good but after all these years I found myself returning to my first choice of ceramic bearings. Why is that? Because they are the most reliable, most consistent, most stable in performance compared to all the others. And fairly quiet, too, considering the ceramic bearings will always be noisier than the ones with stainless steel balls. My usage is in freshwater baitcasting reels for game fishing – from conventional jigs, spoons and crankbaits to my game of choice, throwing big & giant baits for pike and bass.

    27th August 2022 at 7:52 pm

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